Many landscapes are just perceived as “filling empty areas between buildings, housing developments, highways and urban centres, or being vague sectors capable of managing themselves”. In other words, they are often described as vacant areas with little value, just waiting to be developed, to be rendered useful with some identifiable (mostly economic or functional) functions…
IFLA, 2012



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Share your favourite significant landscapes with CSLA members by participating in illustrating what "landscape" means to Canadian landscape architects...

About the Project

The CLP is a web based digital photographic gallery intended to illustrate Canada's diversity of landscapes by provinces and territories. Compiled from CSLA members' submissions from around the country, the CLP aspires to showcase the various "landscapes" mentioned in the Canadian Landscape Charter, including the ones too often forgotten because of their apparent unimportance. The CLP is not about finding the most picturesque, rare or exhilarating place but more about capturing those significant moments when a close relationship is achieved between the author and a specific landscape.
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Lac des castors… Parc du Mont Royal (QC)
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