The Canadian Landscape Portfolio is not about finding the “most beautiful, prestigious or renowned” landscapes - those sites have already been photographed. It is about slowing down and taking the time to seize the most “meaningful” ones, designed or not, that participate, day after day, at making our lives agreeable, richer with the experiences they make possible…



The Canadian Landscape Portfolio Initiative is an invitation from landscape architects to explore their favourite and too often ignored landscapes…

To build these Collections, they looked in their personal archives to find images that show familiar sites, places often charged with memories which somehow fashioned their perception of the world they live in and, in many cases influenced them in their career choice as designers of places to live in.

These Collections are not intended to be comprehensive but more personal because as places to live in designers, public or private, landscape architects are "appreciative of all landscapes" . With these images, they seek to share their passion for all "Significant and Designed Landscapes".

These two editions of the Portfolio aim at being an informal stroll across every Canadian Province and Territory. And it is just the beginning…


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Lac des castors… Parc du Mont Royal (QC)
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