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A day after the storm, Inverness (NS)
The first and second editions of the Canadian Landscape Portfolio – Significant and Designed Landscapes – are both web based digital photographic collection intended to illustrate Canada’s diversity of landscapes by provinces and territories. Compiled from CSLA members’ submissions from around the country, these editions focus on highlighting the diversified “Significant and Designed Landscapes” mentioned in the Canadian Landscape Charter, including the ones too often forgotten because of their apparent unimportance. The goal of the initiative is not necessarily about finding the most picturesque, rare or exhilarating place but more about capturing those significant moments experienced in a specific landscape.

The first edition could then be considered as an illustrated addition to the Canadian Landscape Charter as seen through the eyes of landscape architects from across the country, an expression of a vision where all landscapes become important and worth taking time to admire, because they are part of our lives. The second edition shares theses objectives except that all submitted landscapes need to be “designed or at least touched on purpose”.

These editions of the Portfolio are a starting point aiming at illustrating the Canadian Landscapes Charter's precepts that all landscapes are:
  • Of public interest, entailing various dimensions ranging from culture to ecology and economy.
  • Favourable to viable economic activities with appropriate means of interventions.
  • Integral to the Canadian identity and its diverse cultures.
  • Naturally in constant change, with many under economic stresses.
  • A major contributor to the quality of life for all people living in all types of settings

To illustrate the emphasis placed by the CLC on the rich diversity of Canadian landscapes, the first and second editions of the Canadian Landscape Portfolio (CLP) aim to publish galleries of images comprised of ten (10) digital collections each, one per province and territory, each led by a component association that is a member of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA).

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architectects (CSLA) is:

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) is a professional organization with over 1,980 landscape architects as members. As the voice of the profession in Canada, the CSLA is an advocate for its members on issues such as urban design, urban renewal, sustainable development and cultural heritage.

The CSLA delivers programs and services for its members that:
  • increase public awareness and promote the profession - the CSLA communication tools include the website (, the membership directory, a monthly bulletin, social media sites and LANDSCAPES|PAYSAGES, the national magazine;
  • provide opportunities for professional development - the CSLA holds an Annual General Meeting and Congress, provides information year round to members about industry and professional learning opportunities and coordinates continuing education programs and opportunities nationally;
  • recognize members and celebrate member achievements within the profession through the CSLA Awards of Excellence, the Recognition Awards Programs, the College of Fellows and by administering the Governor General’s Medal in Landscape Architecture;
  • support education and research through the accreditation of undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture programs, recognition of student achievement and provision of scholarships.

For the CLP, landscape architecture is :

At the crossroads of development and design, landscape architecture specializes in the planning and development of new landscapes, and in the management, enhancement, protection and restoration of existing landscapes, ranging from the smallest local area to regional planning. Landscape architecture intervention’s scale and diversity drive the landscape architects toward the cultural, heritage, social, aesthetic, economic and environmental interconnecting perspectives. Depending on the context, these are realized with stakeholders’ involvement and/or multidisciplinary collaboration, and they could include all steps relating to the completion of a landscape project, from its planning to its execution and supervision, from its estimation to the invitation to bid, etc.

The Canadian Landscapes Portfolio Editions

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Dreamed Landscapes Portfolio

The Portfolio third edition, "Dreamed Landscapes" seeks to be a conclusion permitting all future participants to fix digitally any landsapce that would be perceived as EXCEPTIONAL - natural and untouched or artificial and the result of human intervention…


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Lac des castors… Parc du Mont Royal (QC)
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