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Half of all Manitobans live in the capital city of Winnipeg leaving the other half million or so square kilometres of the Province relatively unoccupied. Manitoba is commonly thought of as being a vast, flat and windswept prairie. Although the landscape may seem empty at times, to really appreciate it, one must spend time immersed in the environment to better understand the diversity of its ecoregion, to appreciate the seasons, and the defining union of the land and sky. The sun slowly rising and setting is a key component of this landscape. Although there are certainly views that take ones breath away, for the most part, it is a still and temporal backdrop coloured and highlighted by its most primal and rugged elements.

The selected images play on these themes and celebrate the predominant biomes of the Keystone Province – the western hills, the central Prairies and Lake Winnipeg, the Canadian Shield and the Boreal Forest to the east, the northern tundra and Hudson Bay Lowlands, and the City of Winnipeg.

An image of frozen Lake Winnipeg is the quintessential representation of the Province. The winter whiteness is overwhelming, visually broken only by the rungs of a ladder against a dock, a ghostly shadow of where water becomes sky. One gains a better appreciation for the pleasant aspects of the lake in summer by knowing it in its frozen state.

The images of natural landscapes range from the hard rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield, to hard-working marshlands, to moody prairie vistas, and windswept grasslands. Each image portrays the seasonal diversity of our skies in contrast to the layer of vegetation that lies beneath. Undeniably provocative, the quality of light through the seasons awakens and quiets these landscapes, presenting vivid flashes of color in contrast to subtle tones of grey.

The photos of built landscapes range from the industrial Pinawa Dam: an indicator of change over time, increasing population and increasing need for energy, to the Souris Swinging Bridge, emblematic of small town pride predominant across Manitoba, along with two images of Winnipeg, a sharp contrast of summer and winter scenes.

A fitting conclusion, the striking image of the Churchill lowlands, a remote and isolated place, perfectly captures the desolate beauty of this ‘land of little sticks’. The bare essentials of a landscape are here; rock, trees, water and sky, and the photographers reverence for this land of light and time are evident.

Selection committee

By Doris Chee, Jane Welsh, Chris Hart, Joanne Moran


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5 Silos

▶︎ The prairies in Spring can be bleak and desolate, but they are full of serene beauty and present and opportunity for introspective, geometric compositions.
Title, Localization
▶︎ 5 Silos
▶︎ Elm Creek, MB
▶︎ Ryan Wakshinski, MALA
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▶︎ The moon stands out against the prairie blue sky above Oak Hammock Marsh in Manitoba.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Blue
▶︎ Manitoba
▶︎ Pearl Yip, MALA
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Industry landscape relic

▶︎ Industry landscape relic, Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage park, MB A massive hydro electric relic stands within the landscape of of the Canadian Shield. The Pinawa Generating Station was constructed between 1903 and 1906 to service Winnipeg's boom as the "Chicago of the North".
▶︎ It has now been designated a Provincial Park and has interpretive elements throughout the impressive maze of this monumental concrete mega structure. It is a popular picnic destination along the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Industry landscape relic
▶︎ Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage park, MB
▶︎ Darcy Granove, MALA
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A Prairie walk

▶︎ Each landscape has unique characteristic traits. In the midst of summer, this landscape has a golden yellow tone. What survives this hardy landscape but select vegetation. The beauty lies in the gentle variation of colours of the disorganized patches.
Title, Localization
▶︎ A Prairie walk
▶︎ Birds Hill Park, MB
▶︎ Rebekah Brubacher, MALA
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▶︎ Souris's swinging span was rebuilt after its predecessor was lost to the great 2011 flood that devastated the town. Designed by Stantec with HTFC Planning & Design, it has once again become Canada's longest historic suspension bridge. This new bridge is a symbol of the perseverance of the people of the region, who take pride in its practicality, tourism value, and history.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Swinging
▶︎ Souris River, Souris, MB
▶︎ Mark Bauche, MALA
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Wingter magic

▶︎ The snow has a way of drawing a blanket over the city, creating a moment where we can re-see a common sight as one worth pause. Winnipeg, tends to grow quiet, holding its breath as the winter settles in, only once winter has fully settled does the city begin to re-invent and adjust to the Winter City lifestyle.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Winter magic
▶︎ Winnipeg, MB
▶︎ Emily Sinclair, MALA
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Portage at sunset

▶︎ There is no greater sight than that of a prairie city from up high, except that same view as the sun is setting. The city glows and the sun flows through the city in a way that could not be achieved if not for the unbelievable flatness.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Portage at sunset
▶︎ Winnipeg, MB
▶︎ Emily Sinclair, MALA
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A glacier landscape - Churchill in July

▶︎ The emergent landscape of Churchill, Manitoba was formed millions of years ago when massive ice sheets scoured their way across the land. These ice sheets, though long disappeared from this place, have sculpted the terrain and left memories of themselves in the rock outcroppings and glacial ridges. The shapes of these outcroppings, as well as the scars and striations, indicate directions of glacial travel and tell the story of this Manitoba landscape.
Title, Localization
▶︎ A glacier landscape - Churchill in July
▶︎ Churchill, MB
▶︎ Rachelle Kirouac, MALA
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▶︎ This hiking trail didn’t disappoint - beautiful lookouts, large native Cedar trees, outcroppings of the Precambrian Shield and one gnarly route to navigate. It’s sometimes best to go for a hike and find design inspiration from the best source – nature!
Title, Localization
▶︎ Rugged
▶︎ Hunt Lake Trail, MB
▶︎ Jana Mancer, MALA

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