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The landscapes of Ontario provide form to a mystery that is difficult to describe. There is not a typical landscape because of the tremendous variety in natural and cultural heritage found here.

The Province is identified by water and geology, landforms and remarkable changes in ecosystems with large areas of meadows and prairies, woodlands and working lands, lake lands and majestic rivers including the Niagara Falls and the St. Lawrence River. The Far North is little known and a mystery to most people with its boreal forests and muskeg regions of the Canadian Shield and James and Hudson Bays. We also have sensational urban landscapes that cross modernism, new urbanism and historical significance in our southern regions.

These are some of the considerations behind this year’s selections for the Canadian Landscape Portfolio. This Ontario Portfolio recognizes the significance of a site, a space, a landscape definitive of Ontario. Our approach recognizes the Canadian Landscape Charter principles and provides OALA members with substantive support in the recognition and acceptance of representative images.

The OALA portfolio captures those significant moments when a close relationship is achieved between the Landscape Architect, an individual at one with the spirit of the landscape in Ontario.

Here we see cultural artifacts in agricultural and industrial landscapes, the joy of pink umbrellas, the stateliness of Ottawa, the glory and determination of nature and natural processes. Water and bedrock, nature and places to roam figure prominently in this collection. This is the landscape of Ontario; a beautiful mystery.

Selection Committee

By Doris Chee, Jane Welsh, Chris Hart, Joanne Moran


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St. Lawrence River

▶︎ Ceci est une vue du fleuve Saint-Laurent à partir de la maison familiale et ce paysage a été partie de ma vie. C’est ici que j’ai grandi et je n’ai cessé d’apprécier cette vue en continuel changement selon la saison et l’heure de la journée. C’est l’endroit où je suis en paix, sereine de regarder le lent flot de la rivière.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Rivière Saint-Laurent
▶︎ Iroquois, On
▶︎ Wendy Graham, AAPQ
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Field Stone Fence

▶︎ This field stone fence is about 6 feet wide and surrounds a now wooded property near Kolapore, Ontario. I have a lot of respect for the farmer that made this during their attempts at farming.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Field Stone Fence
▶︎ Near Kolapore, On
▶︎ Nick Assad. OALA
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A replacement of a Muskoka transitonal forest landscape

▶︎ A replacement of a 2 acre peninsula landscape after a lightning fire burned the site and summer home. A new porous crushed granite driveway. In the transitional forest between the boreal forest to the north, and the mixed forest to the south. The new native plants and soil were either transplanted from adjacent part of the property, or from local nursery stock.
Title, Localization
▶︎ A replacement of a Muskoka transitonal forest landscape
▶︎ Pine Lake, Gravenhusrt, On
▶︎ Al Regehr, OALA
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Calm after the storm

▶︎The sun sets over an ice-encrusted field following the ice storm of December 2013, adding beauty and drama to an otherwise typical central Ontario farming landscape.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Calm after the storm
▶︎ City of Kawartha Lakes, On
▶︎ Mary Anne Young. OALA
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Black Oak Savanna

▶︎ In the heart of the City of Toronto, High Park protects and maintains a number of significant ecological features while providing a play space for hundreds of thousands of people. The Black Oak Savanna in the park is a reminder of the Carolinian landscapes that reach their northern limit in Ontario. It provides pleasure to both the enlightened ecologist as well as the cyclist speeding by on the park roadway.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Black Oak Savanna
▶︎Toronto, On
▶︎ Alexander Bell, SALA
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Disturbing the Flock

▶︎ Along the shores of Lake Erie, the beach at Port Burwell Provincial park is an oasis to migratory birds that lift from the ground in large flocks as your beach walk disturbs their own day at the beach. The sandy beaches are a speckled with drift wood treasures washed up by the rolling waves.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Disturbing the Flock
▶︎ Port Burwell Provincial Park Beach, Lake Erie, On
▶︎ Amanda Gebhardt, OALA
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Killarney Sunset

▶︎ Precambrian Shield geology; a typical example of the rocky, windswept terrain throughout Killarney and the Georgian Bay coast.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Killarney Sunset
▶︎ Chikanishing Trail, On
▶︎ David Pollard, OALA
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Lower Rosseau Falls

▶︎ The Rosseau River tumbles down the rocky Canadian Shield over a series of drops as it enters Lake Rosseau, and, while one of the smaller Muskoka waterfalls, is one of the wilder.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Lower Rosseau Falls
▶︎ Rosseau Lake, rt #3, est de Rosseau, Muskoka, On
▶︎ David Pollard, OALA
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Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River By Night

▶︎ Canada's iconic Parliament Buildings are located on a limestone outcrop high above the Ottawa River and adjacent to he Rideau Canal. The Centre Block, including the Peace Tower, seen here is the main building of the Parliamentary complex and contains the House of Commons and Senate chambers. It is fine example of the Gothic Revival architectural style.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River By Night
▶︎ Ottawa, On
▶︎ David Pollard, OALA
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Winter at the Beach

▶︎ Sugar Beach is one of Toronto's most innovative examples of landscape architecture in the urban setting. Designed by the renowned Landscape Architect Claude Cormier, this colourful man-made beach brings life to an otherwise deserted and derelict part of the city. This photo was taken during a long, tedious winter in Toronto, and I love how the candy pink umbrellas pop against the cold winter landscape.
Title, Localization
▶︎ Winter at the Beach
▶︎ Sugar beach, Toronto, On
▶︎ Alana de Haan, OALA

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